Friday, December 9, 2011

Interview with Regina Puckett

Whimsical author Regina Puckett is here to share with us today. Comment below and get a chance to win a free copy of her novel Waiting for Mary Elizabeth!

WP: What do you write?

R: All of my stories are sweet romances.

WP: Why do you choose the genres you do?

R: I love writing about falling in love. I began swapping short stories with a good friend in the eighth grade. Things were going well until my mother found out. She was quick to put a stop to my new writing interest, but even a mother can’t stop what is meant to be. Even at that young age my stories were more about the beginning stages of falling in love than what happens after the wedding.

WP: What made you first want to be a writer?

R: I can’t think of a better career to have. Words are powerful things. Writers create worlds that millions of other people can go visit for a short time. Writers can make people laugh or cry. There are people out there that actually create brand new worlds from nothing more than their imaginations.

There’s no other job out there that let’s me create the perfect man or a love that lasts forever.

WP: What inspires you?

R: Little things catch my attention and they slowly worm their way into my thoughts and daydreams. I find myself wondering, what if… Of course then I have to pull all of those what ifs together and make a complete story out of them. My biggest what if came from a dream I had several years ago. I dreamed I had to raise another woman’s child. The real journey came the next day when I couldn’t get the dream out of my mind. I slowly built on the dream for about three years until I decided I had to write all of my daydreams down and before I knew it I had the first book in my Warren family series.

WP: What kicks the brain into gear when you have writer’s block?

R: I hate writer’s block. It really stopped me in my tracks on book four of my Warren family series. It kept me blocked for about three years. I would write four chapters and then come to a complete roadblock about where the story was going. I would hate everything about the book so I would tear it all up and completely start all over again. I went back to the beginning five times on Love’s Great Plan. I actually wrote book five and had it completely edited before I understood my two main characters in book four. Once I understood my main characters the book was easy to write. I really believe the only way to get over writer’s block is to keep writing.

WP: Who is your favorite character you have created?

R: Gregory Blackwell is the man I wish every man could really be. He is my main character in my newest novel, Waiting for Mary Elizabeth. He is not only gorgeous and sensitive but also has so much integrity. He’s the man every woman wants for a partner.

WP: Is there any genre you want to try, but haven’t yet?

R: I envy writers who write good mysteries. It would be great to be able to create such a good puzzle that the readers can’t wait to find out what the answer to it is.

WP: What do you hope readers will take away from your stories?

R: I hope to able to keep my readers entertained for a few hours. I know when I read, I like to escape my day to day life and slip into someone else’s shoes for a short time. When it’s a love story, I want to fall in love, and if it’s a mystery, I want to able to solve it before the end of the book. I want to create characters the readers can relate to. I want everyone to care enough to fall in love right along with my couple. When someone tells me that I made them cry or laugh, I know then that my characters were people the readers were able to really care about.

WP: What’s your latest news and do you have anything releasing soon?

R: I have a book signing on January 7, between the hours of 2 and 4 for my latest sweet romance, Waiting for Mary Elizabeth. The signing will be at Hasting Bookstore at 1660 Memorial Boulevard, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130.

My short story, Hearts on Fire, will be released in a Winter Anthology at the end of 2011 by Whimsical Publications.

WP: Where can we find you on the web?



  1. I have read Regina's short story for the Anthology, and it is amazing. I loved her style of writing, which makes me interested to read more from her. You won't be disappointed!


  2. Great interview !!!

  3. Hi Regina,

    I love your cover for Waiting for Mary Elizabeth and I enjoy reading sweet romances! Hope you have mega sales and it's been fun to learn more about a fellow WP author!

  4. Great interview! congrats on the upcoming book signing! :)

  5. Thanks so much for the kind comments.


  6. Regina, Great interview.I enjoyed reading Waiting for Mary Elizabeth and have ordered the new winter anthology.

  7. Thank you, Wanda. I just finished Winter Wonders and I loved all of the stories in it.