Friday, December 16, 2011

Interview with Danielle Thorne

We have author Danielle Thorne sharing with us today! Comment below to win a free copy of a book of your choice penned by this awesome author!

WP: What do you write?

D: I'm a sweet romance writer concentrating on the contemporary and historical genres. This next year will be the release of my first Young Adult paranormal.

WP: Why do you choose the genres you do?

D: I love history. The romance and adventure of the past is very real, and I hope to bring it to life as I create characters that I would like to meet. Writing contemporary romance is fun because there is more freedom to write from my own experience of places and situations.

WP: What made you first want to be a writer?

D: As soon as I could write sentences down and string ideas together I understood that I had an outlet that allowed me to escape and create. My second grade teacher made early predictions.

WP: What inspires you?

D: Traveling and experiencing new things really jumpstarts my creative juices. Also, watching classic movies and reading good books can inspire ideas.

WP: What kicks the brain into gear when you have writer’s block?

D: I have to walk away and let things stew for a while. However, the only real solution to writer's block is discipline, pure and simple.

WP: Who is your favorite character you have created?

D: My favorite character I've created is Captain Julius Bertrand from THE PRIVATEER. I suppose I'm drawn to mysterious personalities, so I enjoyed portraying a complex character that not everyone gets. On the other hand, I know now that I have more writing experience I was far too close to him, but that doesn't change the fact that I'll always be enamored of him.

WP: Is there any genre you want to try, but haven’t yet?

D: My first paranormal will be released in 2012. This is definitely new territory for me.

WP: What do you hope readers will take away from your stories?

D: My wish is that readers will fall for my characters and enjoy a little getaway and adventure. I also hope to provide them with clean fiction and sweet romances that they can share with their friends and family.

WP: What’s your latest news and do you have anything releasing soon?

D: This October I traveled to Kentucky for a four author book signing where I gave away copies of one of my ebooks and signed print copies of Whimsical Publications', JOSETTE, my first Regency Romance that has really made me proud.

WP: Where can we find you on the web?

D: My official website is

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  1. Recently purchased my first book by Danielle. Can't wait to get a chance to read it.

  2. Great interview, Danielle! You really nailed it on the head when you said the only true cure for writer's block is discipline. So true!

  3. Nice interview, Danielle. I enjoy reading about fellow authors and their motivation, Mine is compulsive, but manageable under most circumstances. You mentioned favorite characters and that led me to think about mine. Surprisingly, my best is Jane from my Whimsical publication, Crossed Lines. She's dysfunctional, conniving, and erratic, but beneath it all, is guided by a compass that carries her straight to her main goal.
    I'll have to read about Julius in The Privateer so see if I can determine what makes him your favorite. Cheers,

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies. Appreciate your comments and thoughts. Much to think about. :)

  5. Loved this interview! Thanks for sharing it. Yes, Danielle is so right about the only way to meet writers block--head on. I have The Privateer and Josette and am looking forward to reading both soon!

  6. I love reading sweet historical and contemporary romances and I'm sorry to say I haven't read Josette. I've seen your wonderful reviews for it as well as for your other books. It's a pleasure getting to know you better from this interview and to share two publishers with you. I liked what you said about writing books that can be shared with family and friends.

  7. A nice interview. I've read one of Danielle's books and enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend her as a writer to read.

  8. Interesting interview, Danielle. I look forward to reading Josette.