Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Your Average Vampire Story...

"Unlike any other Vampire story I've read, this one caught me in chapter one. I just couldn't put it down!" -LASR

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Deadly Encounters of the Supernatural Kind
by Melissa Hosack

Beauregard Channing has devoted the past four hundred years to tracking down items that, if put in the wrong hands, have the ability to cause destruction and damage to innocent lives. Though sworn to defend mortals, Beau feels removed and detached from humankind. He loses all desire for personal interaction with mortals until his next target, Bradley Hildebrand, turns out to be the one woman he cannot seem to get off his mind.

Against his better judgment, Beau attempts to charm his way into Bradley's heart while simultaneously trying to coax her into giving him the relic he seeks before the wrong people discover its location. Bradley immediately annihilates Beau's plan of a peaceful compromise by refusing to believe that a world of vampires and supernatural creatures could exist without her knowledge.

While he is attempting to make Bradley see reason, Beau's worst fear comes true. A group that intends nothing but devastation to those around them discovers the location of Bradley and her artifact. After an attack that leaves Bradley lucky to be alive, the men take off with the widely sought after historical object.

Now it is up to Bradley, Beau, and Bradley's slightly unorthodox and eccentric best friend Camden to track down the artifact and save innocent lives from falling victim to its powers. If the three of them don't end up killing each other, Beau just might be able to persuade Bradley to fall in love with him.


The vampire holding Bradley began dragging her toward a car.

Bradley kicked and struggled against him. Somehow, she knew that if he got her into that car, she was dead. They would torture her to find out what they wanted and then they would kill her. She wasn't stopping him with her resistance though. He was too big, too strong.

"Beau!" she screamed in horror. She twisted violently in her assailant's arms, trying to loosen his grip on her. "Beau!" She pushed her feet off the ground, kicking them wildly in the air and forcing all of her weight onto the vampire. She knocked him off balance, nearly dragging him to the ground with the sudden movement.

"Quit struggling!" he snarled.

He had her nearly to the car when in a last ditch effort, Bradley threw her head back, hitting him in the face. She felt fangs sink into the back of her head, stinging her flesh, but at least he dropped her. Breathing raggedly from the effort used to get free, Bradley started crawling in Beau's direction.

She didn't even make it a few feet before the vampire grabbed a fistful of her hair. She was pulled backwards, her butt hitting the pavement.

Still clutching her hair, the vampire began dragging her backwards toward the car behind him.

Bradley grabbed his wrist, trying to pull herself free while her feet scrambled and kicked at the pavement. To her horror, she saw Beau take a two-by-four to the gut and double over.

The vampire fighting Beau loomed over him, his weapon raised for another blow.

That was the last thing Bradley saw before she was hauled from the ground and tossed into a trunk.


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