Friday, August 13, 2010

What do you see...

As a publisher, I see the beauty of a story, or not. I see how the idea can be shaped into a masterpiece and how the cover can be made into a work of art. I see the joy of laying out a story into book format and sending it to the printer, only to return as a wad of paper glued together with a colorful outer shell. I see, or rather can imagine, the smile on the author's face as he/she opens the package with their copies inside.

This thrills me to no end.

But what do I see as a person?

The other day I was working at another facility instead of my usual hospital. I had the day from heck but I was in heaven. I saw new ways of doing things; I expanded my knowledge; I smiled; I laughed; I made mistakes. But then again, who doesn't.

I marveled at the way canisters from different departments shot through a tube system into a holding bay. Way cool! I met some really nice people. I marveled at how different the two facilities were, even though they're under the same company.

When I walked outside, I was met with a loud whooping noise. It was a helicopter landing on the roof of the building I had just left. I grinned just like a kid let loose in a candy store, craning my neck to look up and watch it disappear.

Today, I had the pleasure of staying home instead of having to go to work, on call. I was able to converse with people on the computer and marvel over my house. Even though I've lived here for a long time, and the place needs some minor maintenance, it still thrills me to think it will be paid for in a few short years.

The oak tree I planted as a sapling has grow so large grass won't grow under it due to the folage. I watched a squirrel rummage through the dirt, looking for a seed or two. Once it found one, it scampered up the tree to sit on a branch and nibble on its find. Afterwards, I watched the squirrel sprawl out on the same branch and fall asleep. It was so cute!

Now, I'm looking out my window, watching the clouds form, becoming dark and heavy. Rain will soon be here, and I plan on watching that, too.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Whether it be a book, a car, a house, a pet, or even a squirrel, take a moment to stop and look. You might be pleasantly suprised at what you see. Or want to write about.

Leave a comment, if you so wish, and let everyone know what you find beautiful. It will bring a smile to your face.


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