Friday, April 1, 2011

Brieanna Robertson Interviews Traevyn Whitelaw of Dark Masterpiece

Getting Traveyn Whitelaw to agree to do an interview with me was only slightly easier than getting Jaide to agree. Next to Jaide, Traevyn is probably the most private man I have written, and he dislikes giving interviews or releasing personal information. However, because of the fact that he is a famous artist and takes care of his own PR, and because his disposition is less caustic than Jaide’s, I didn’t have to guilt trip him. But even so, his agreement to do this was not without its fair share of grumbling.

When I sit down with Traveyn, he is looking elegant and old-world, as always. He carries himself with an air of aristocratic grace that I rarely see in the modern world. He wears a gray button-down shirt and black slacks, and his long, shining ebony hair is free-flowing around his broad shoulders. I have never seen anyone as beautiful as Traveyn, and I take a moment to admire him, as I always have.

After a silent several seconds, he looks up at me expectantly. I smile and get down to the business at hand.

B: Hello, Traevyn. It’s good to see you again.

T: (He gives me a polite smile, but it reaches his eyes and warms up his fierce features.) Likewise.

B: It has been awhile since I’ve spoken with you. How are things with you and your family?

T: Things are well. Evie and I are busy with Julia and Brandon (his daughter and son) and Julia has discovered a love for painting, much like her parents, so we really spend most of our time cleaning up messes. (This brings a grin to his lips) Seth is living in San Francisco now with my brother’s friend, but he visits often.

B: For those who do not know of how you met your wife, give us a brief recap.

T: She was a Junior art student sent to be my apprentice for the summer. I was an ogre and she was a firecracker determined to whip me into shape. That about covers it.

B: (It is impossible for me to stifle my chuckle) I know you had been through some personal hardship in your life before meeting Evie. What was it about her that got past your defenses?

T: Her acceptance and understanding about my past and myself. Her compassion, empathy and nurturing personality. That and her spunk. That was so very sexy. (He grins) Still is.

B: I know you are a very private person. And at the time Evie came to stay with you, you were, more or less, a recluse. What made you decide to take on an apprentice?

T: I went to college at SOU and my Art professor guilted me into it, basically. I never would have agreed to it otherwise.

B: Was it strange having someone who admired you so much live in your home?”

T: Of course. It was completely awkward at first. I didn’t want anyone intruding on my solitude and Evie had this eye for symbolism. She could see straight through my art and straight through me. It was extremely disconcerting.

B: What was it like having a seventeen-year-old boy thrown in the mix?

T: (He chuckles) Annoying. But Seth grew on me. I love him like my own brother.

B: I know you designed the home you live in now. What made you design it the way you did? And why did you choose the location you did?

T: I have always been a fan of Gothic literature and art. I incorporated that in the d├ęcor and style of my home. As for the ocean, I have always felt like it’s the best representation of me. Unpredictable, strong, turbulent, boundless, dangerous, but beautiful and peaceful as well. It gives me more serenity than anything else. I create better with the waves crashing in the distance, and my soul feels at ease.

B: When did you first realize you had feelings for Evie?

T: The pine-needle boarding episode and having my brother’s roommate chase after her was what finally made me get a clue. That and Seth, who could see we cared for one another romantically before either one of us actually knew it. But falling in love with Evie was a gradual process. The more she showed me of herself, and the more she dug into my soul, the more lost I became.

B: Ok, finally, are there any other dreams you have left to accomplish in your life?

T: (The smile that graces his features is soft) I have already been granted my two greatest dreams. I make a living off of my greatest passion, and I have a family. A woman who understands every aspect of me, and two beautiful children. I would be selfish to ask for more. Anything else that comes my way is a gift.

I thank Traevyn for his time, and we spend a few moments catching up. When he leaves, he hugs me. No hand-shaking for us. He wishes me the best. I do the same. Then, I watch his tall, lean, magnificent figure stride out the door.

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